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THE+ of the concept



- Interior washable

- Large openings

- Reinforced floor structure

-Class 4 treated cladding

-INOX screws

- 0 maintenance!

- Adaptable to your constraints

Choose your base...
easybox fitted container

Easybox Prairie

Shelter intended to accommodate your animals (horses, cattle, goats). Galvanized steel gate with “Autololck” closure

Lean-to on gas springs (folding) to prevent the entry of water inside the building.

Structure in Plywood and aluminum. Galvanized steel floor frame.

Vents. Washable Plywood walls.

 Wooden cladding  class 4 treated maritime pine. EPDM membrane on roof

Easybox 5 m²:  €7,850 excluding VAT  

Easybox 10m²: €9,500 excluding tax          

Easybox 15m²: €11,100 excluding tax          

Easybox 20m²: €12,350 excluding tax

Easybox 30m²: €14,420 excluding tax


Easybox Prairie Horses

Specially designed for equestrian activity, the Easybox Horses rangeallows  to install real horse boxes quickly and without work on your property.

Double leaf doors

Sign collar grilles

Attachment rings


A real stable for the well-being of your horses!

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easybox fitted container
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Some Easybox Prairie achievements
Easybox Prairie
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